Oropher of Greenwood the Great (oropher) wrote,
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Pesky Boys

Alrighty! I finally found where my boys were hiding. Heck, I was running around looking for 'em like a headless chicken, when they were right under old Orophy's nose! They were in New York running a sausage plant, I tell ya! Would ya believe that?

Bless my boys for having the indecency to slap their own faces on the deli flyers! Ye old Mirkwood ego stills lives on, I see!

[(slap on the backs) I should have known. Sausages, eh boys? We know all about sausages in OUR happy family, don't we?]

So, how's about a nice salami-special for the old guy? Oh, and Thrandy! Make sure it's sliced this time. Remember what happened the last time you fixed me up a sandwich? You were so used to the servants doing everything, you didn't know any better and threw the whole slab between two slices o' Lembas! Almost choked on the damn thing, I swear it!

I'll be right on over. And I'm bringin' matching loins' for everyone!
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